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Recommended Customized Product Series

Opt for a supplier with 20 years of expertise in toilet paper roll manufacturing to elevate your brand. Our commitment lies in delivering high-quality, eco-friendly hygiene products, ensuring customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility.

Soft White Standard Toilet Paper Rolls
Johnathan Doe

Superior softness and strength, sourced directly from Chinese factories for quality assurance and cost efficiency.

Facial Tissue

Hypoallergenic and gentle, produced in China, ensuring direct factory delivery for unmatched purity and softness.

Kitchen Paper

High absorbency and durability, leveraging Chinese manufacturing for reliable kitchen cleaning solutions.

Napkin Paper

Customizable and versatile, with direct sourcing from China for premium quality and dining elegance.

Pocket Tissue

Compact and hygienic, efficiently produced in China for convenient personal care on the move.

Jumbo Parent Roll

Ideal for bulk production needs, offering a cost-effective Chinese source for superior paper product manufacturing.

We Provide OEM & ODM Service

We provide OEM and ODM services, specializing in custom tissue manufacturing tailored to client specifications and design requirements.

Custom Design

Tailoring product designs to meet client specifications.

Branding Options

Incorporating client's brand elements into product design.

Material Selection

Offering a range of materials for product customization.

Packaging Customization

Designing unique packaging options to align with brand identity.

Baoding Hozhong Hygiene Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Established in 2013 within Hebei’s Daceying Paper Industrial Zone, Baoding Hozhong Hygiene Products Co., Ltd. spans 13,800 sqm and features advanced manufacturing facilities. With 16 production lines, the company excels in producing various household paper products, achieving an annual output of 36,000 tons. A decade-plus operation has refined its production and quality inspection processes, affirming its industry leadership.

Why Choose Us?

Our Honors

Our accolades include multiple industry certifications, reflecting our commitment to excellence in customized tissue product manufacturing and processing.


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Our offerings extend beyond what has been presented. Please consult our sales and customer service teams for additional printing and packaging requirements. Our trained staff are equipped to offer professional advice and flexible solutions tailored to meet diverse needs.

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